Down, but not Out

My darling husband, Boo, is in the hospital.

Respiratory Illness.

I won't be posting until my world is rightside up once more.

But I will be lurking about, like a bad ghost....

Afterall, what else is there to do in a hospital?

Update: Boo will be fine. If he quits flirting with the damn nurses he should be home tomorrow. Where he will start whining and bitching and driving me crazy from the confines of our bed. Should be a good time. Maybe I can sweet talk one of the nurses to come and take care of him while I go do something productive. Like drink a martini and shop for shoes.

Afterall, he looks mighty cute in powder blue hospital jammies. Brings out the blue in his eyes. Along with the sexy stubble and the husky voice, this might not be a hard sell. Hmmm...