The Difference of Ten Years

Good morning dear internet. It is amazing how sunny the world seems when my darling Boo is home. Also amazing, is the fact that he likes the look of green nipples. Who knew? But, alas, today is the day my darling Fric turns ten. It is hard for me to reconcile the image of her as a baby with the image of a pony-legged, blonde hair beauty that she has become.

Just think, ten years ago this morning, my boobs were being mutilated by angry little gums. Ten years later, she has big beaver teeth and is oohing and ahhing over her new ring that Daddy gave her for her birthday.

Ten years ago, the idea of bringing home a small infant scared the bejesus out of me. Today, the memory brings a smile to my face.

I wonder what the next ten years bring.

I can't wait.