Yes, I do know How Pathetic I Really Am

Have you ever done something and then been pleasantly surprised by the outcome? Have you ever wanted to pat yourself on the back and tell the world what a superstar you are? No? Oh, well, I do. And as this is my blog, this is me patting myself on the back. Pat, pat.

You see, dear internet, I have figured out the whole technology thing. I guess I could have given myself more credit as I did set up the computer all by my big girl self. But who am I kidding. It's a Mac. I pulled it out of the box and plugged it in. Even a monkey could do that. But yesterday, I tackled the big one. The intimidating task. The daunting job. I connected my new digital camera to my computer.

**Applause** Thank you, thank you very much. I'm blushing. Really, I am overwhelmed by your kind words. (Hint, hint!)

And now, when the hubs calls to beg me to send him dirty photos of me doing naughty things wholesome pictures of our family, I will be able to oblige. Of course, I won't, but it is always fun to hear him beg.

Let the shutterfest begin. I'm off to be a click happy momma. That is, once I clean up the dog pee.

We all know who rules my roost...