The Flies are A Buzzing

It was a wonderful long weekend. With lovely weather, I managed to get a lot of yard work done. The lawn received it's first haircut, the pool was sucked clean of all the leaves and my flower beds are planted and ready to bloom.

There was a dark side to this weekend though. The hubs and I are building a deck. To build the deck, we needed to drill pilings. To drill the pilings we needed to know where the utilities were hiding. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Well, on the last piling, my darling hubs clipped our water line. At eight o'clock in the evening. After I had been in the pool, sucking up scum; after I was slathered in oily sunscreen all day long, to keep my lily white skin white; after I had been spraying bug repellent on all day long to avoid the dreaded West Nile disease; my darling hubs clipped the f@$!!*ing water line.

So here I sit, the morning after, sweaty, smelly and oily, while my hubs is working frantically to fix the water line and thereby save his life and our marriage. I can't flush the toilets and I had to rummage through the pantry and use bottled watter to make coffee. I'm trying to see the humor in this, but with the flies buzzing around my head, I can honestly say the humor is escaping me...

I'll be back tomorrow, freshly washed and in better spirits, I promise.

My hubs life may depend on it.