Thank God for Babies

I, Redneck Mommy, am now the proud aunty to my first raven haired nephew.

It wasn't an easy birth and to be honest, being back in a hospital did nothing to ease the grief I am feeling for my son. But how does a person not melt when they look into the eyes of a newborn infant, so full of promise and joy?

So while I may not be able to poke fun at my pregnant sister anymore, I will be able to find other gems of amusement as she fumbles through the trials of first time parenting, much like I did ten years ago.

But tonight, I'll cut her some slack and tell her how much I love her and my newly named Dr. Suess nephew. Yes, dear internet, we now have a Fric and a Ric. And I am trying to be cool about it.

Right now, I am too damn tired and proud to care.