Young love

In an effort to claim the elusive "Mother of the Year" award, I took my kiddies out to a matinee show yesterday afternoon. Yes, I know dear internet, movie and popcorn does not alone entitle me to that trophy. What gave me an edge, was the fact I made sure some of Fric and Frac's friends would also be in the very same theatre at the very same time, for the very same show. Aren't I thoughtful? Because I am such a hip mom (and this was proven when a dozen eight and nine year olds gathered around my nose and ohh'ed and aww'ed) I let the kids go sit with their friends as I joined the gaggle of mothers in the middle of the theatre.

Fric joined her buddy, and twittered like the school girl she is, about her little school crush, who I'll call Frank. Frank and his buddy sat two rows ahead of Fric and kept looking behind him to make kissy eyes with Fric. Ahh, young love.

Frac and his cronies, sat two seats over from Frank. Frac is no dummy. It wasn't long before he figured out the kissey eyes Frank was making were directed to his sister Fric. As the younger, immensely less mature brother, this grossed Frac out to no end.

Now Fric and Frank have yet to declare their young love. They prefer to pull one another's hair and hide each other's shoes out on the playground. When together, they blush and pretend that neither is actually alive. However, in the darkness of the theatre, and away from their prying mother's eyes, all bets were off. I don't think either actually saw the movie since they only had eyes for one another.

Eventually, little brother had enough of this. Apparently, making kissey eyes is against an unwritten boy's code. Frac didn't watch the movie either. He was too busy tossing popcorn at Frank and conjuring a plan to wreak maximum embarrassment on his sister.

I, being the wonderful mom I am, watched all this go on and pretended they weren't my children.

At the end of the show, everyone gathered in the lobby to say goodbye. Fric and Frank resumed ignoring one another. Frac had other plans though. In a very loud voice he announced to the group his sister had written in her diary that she intends on marrying Frank. Frac then said "Good luck with that Frank. I've slept with her and she snores and picks her nose while she sleeps."

My poor darling girl died a thousand deaths, and Frank was mortified. Frac however, giggled like a loon and ran to hide in the bathroom like the pansy he is.

I consoled my daughter and told her revenge is a dish best served cold. Perhaps a little bird needs to whisper in Fric's ear about her brother's crush on Lexie...