I'm hiding in the rabbit hole

When I got knocked up, I mean pregnant, I never fully appreciated how difficult a job parenting could be. I was primarily focused on the pregnancy, the hemorrhoids, and the delivery part. I trusted within myself and my man, that we could handle anything the little buggers, er, children threw at us. And we have. Perhaps not eloquently, nor with our dignity intact, but we have managed.

As they age, new challenges are presenting themselves. Right now, academics is a top priority. They missed a lot of school when their brother died. So we are doing the proverbial dog padde to catch up.

My son Frac, is learning French in school. He believes this makes him tres sophisticated. Of course, all it makes him is a redneck's kid with a bad french accent, but who am I to kill his dreams? He came home yesterday with a previously completed school assignment which had a note attached from the teacher. Wanting to know if everything was alright at home?

WHAT??? My blood pressure rises, thinking my child is not doing as well as perceived. As I look over the french assignment I realize the problem. The assignment was a word scramble, where the kids had to make a correct sentence with the listed words, all jumbled up. At the end of the assignment, they were to use their own words and make up their own sentence. Not so difficult, right, dear internet?

Here is what my son's homework said:
A bunny hops in the grass.
He has two long ears.
He has a white tail.
His nose wiggles.
He likes to eat carrots.
I will take him home.

Sounds good, right? He managed to unscramble and put the words in the correct order. With no mistakes. My son, the genius. So what's the problem you ask?

My son's response: I shot the bunny.

Should I be worried, dear internet?