Redneck's Rant

I had an entirely different post written for today, all shined up and polished, ready to be served to you, dear internet. But before I post, I like to peruse my favorite blogs. Get inspired, learn something, smile, comment, do all the things a blogger is supposed to do while riding the waves of the web. But then I read something that made steam come out of my ears.

One of my favorite bloggers, Kristen, brought to light the fact that mommy bloggers are a dirty word out here, in the blogosphere. She does this eloquently and pointedly, as only she can do. Now, this is a topic that steams my petunias, primarily, because I am supposedly one of the offenders. I dare to write about my kids, my husband, and well, my life.

I no longer have any babies. Not by choice, as many of you know. But I still have kiddies and I still love them. I don't wear high waisted jeans, but I love a good turtleneck. I have driven a mini-van, with a handicapped sticker in the window to boot. I am a soccer mom but I avoid parent committees like the plague. My hubby says I am a MILF. (But by law he has to say this.) I am a mom of many contradictions. But more importantly, I am a human being with a brain in between my ears, capable of thinking above and beyond my kiddies. As well as thinking of them, from time to time. Mostly, just to feed them, but hey, I never claimed to be mommy of the year.

To all of those out there who are offended by us mothers, mommies, or to borrow Kristen's phrase, "bitch with a baby", who plug up the ol' internet, I say Grow up! How the heck did you get here? Don't you think if the internet was around back in the day, your mother would be whining about your snotty nose to anyone who would read it? Back off, and go away if you don't like us.

To the many mothers out there, who argue over whether they are a mom blog or a mommy blog, get a life. Go do something with your time, with your kids, because life is too short for this type of quibbling. It is you, the petty ones, who are giving all of us a bad name. Shame on you.

And to the many who don't want to read our mommy/mom/momma blogs, well, turn the page buckos. Cause we are here, and we aren't going anywhere.

And I am done my rant now. Thanks Kristen.