Reasons I love him

Ever have one of those days? When you know, from the moment you step out of bed, that things are not going to go your way?

Welcome to my world. I opened my eyes to find the world as I knew it had been replaced by a winter wonderland. Breathtaking, much needed moisture. And a pain in my ass. Because I am now snowed in. Not that I had plans to go anywhere, but still, there is always the possibility someone could offer a fabulous invitation. (Yes, I know I am dreaming, but allow me my fantasies.)

The floor was freaking cold. I had a shitty sleep. Coffee would make it better, right? Except I forgot to buy some. Empty tin. Cuss words abound. I thought my world was going to end. My lovely and talented nine yr old gently (and irritatingly) reminded me I was acting like a two year old.

The day got better when my lovely better half not only shoveled my car out of the endless abyss of snow, but ran and got me coffee. And flavored creamer. Not an easy feat when you live 20 mins from the nearest store. And the snow plows hadn't got out of bed yet.

He then proceeded to read all my favorite blogs with me before going to bed.

I knew there was a reason I loved him.