100 things you didn't want to know about me.

1. I am a retired journalist.
2. I retired after the birth of my third child.
3. My hair color used to be naturally blonde.
4. It is now naturally what ever color comes out of the box.
5. I married the love of my life.
6. I have known my husband all of my life.
7. I used to think my husband was an annoying boy with big lips and bad hair.
8. His lips are still big, but his hair is great.
9. I am the white sheep in a flock of black.
10. I love Elton John's music.
11. And Tina Turner.
12. And Louis Armstrong.
13. And Melissa Etheridge.
14. I read a book a day.
15. I held the provincial record for my time in the 1500 metre race for 7 years.
16. I no longer run.
17. My first job was at a discount clothing store. I started the day after I turned 14.
18. I managed a movie theatre for five years.
19. I hate popcorn.
20. I don't like movie theatres.
22. My brother is in a death metal band, with some small (make that miniscule) success.
23. I am a Christian.
24. I have 12 nieces and nephews.
25. Only one of them has brown hair.
26. I love them all as if they were my own children.
27. It is my goal to become their favorite auntie.
28. I am scared of big, little and medium sized dogs.
29. I love dogs.
30. I have the world's greatest dog named Nixon. A Boston Terrier who poops where he pleases.
31. I have a cat named Fanny. She rocks. She beats Nixon up on a daily basis. Nixon loves her.
32. I once ran into a Canada Goose. I cried for days.
33. I was with my husband when we hit a cow. Yes, cow. I still haven't recovered.
34. He ignored me while I cried in the car, terrified, so that he could yell at the dying cow. I'm still pissed.
35. When I was 11, I was kicked in the face by a horse.
36. I looked like the elephant girl for more than a month.
37. My best friend told me they were going to have to cut my head off.
38. I believed her.
39. We are no longer best friends.
40. My oldest child is my daughter with beautiful blonde hair.
41. I named her after a song in a movie.
42. My middle child is my son who is trying to grow his hair out, because his brother had long hair.
43. Except he doesn't have the same type of hair, thus he looks like a cross between a q-tip and a dandelion puff.
44. My youngest son had hair like his father. Beautiful, wavy blonde hair.
45. I gave him my mother's maiden name for his first name.
46. No one could pronounce it because of the spelling.
47. My youngest son was born disabled.
48. It shocked the shit out of me and my hubby.
49. I am and always will be an advocate for parents with kids who have disabilities.
50. The hubs and I are eagerly awaiting the adoption of a child with disabilities.
51. I scare the crap out of doctors.
52. Therapists love me.
53. My youngest son died Oct. 21, 2005.
54. I will never recover.
55. I lost a piece of myself the night he suddenly died.
56. He was a healthy disabled boy.
57. Or so I thought until I read his autopsy report.
58. I have another blog to be sad on.
59. http://missingmybug.blogspot.com
60. I am healing, and it feels good.
61. My husband is the best man I know.
62. I love taking pictures...even bad ones.
63. I can draw.
64. I can sew. Don't like to though.
65. I love crocheting. I am an old granny at heart.
66. I love growing things. Kids, plants, flowers.
67. I work in a greenhouse for three months a year.
68. I am deathly scared of dragonflies.
69. I have several best friends. Lovely ladies and a gorgeous guy.
70. One of them lives in a far away land.
71. I miss her.
72. I am going to get another tattoo. One day. When my husband leaves me long enough so it will heal before he returns.
73. I didn't have sex until I was 19.
74. I was drunk.
75. I was an honor student geek athlete.
76. With no boobs.
77. I have boobs now.
78. Gotta love Victoria Secret.
79. I am going on a tropical vacation next winter for our 10 year anniversary.
80. I dream of Italy.
81. I once got so many parking tickets I had to go to traffic school.
82. I am a cry baby.
83. I find this whole 100 thing extremely narcissitic.
84. We have three channels of television to choose from.
85. I'm too cheap to pay for satellite and we live too far out for cable access.
86. I love rice pudding.
87. I make a mean pie.
88. I make my own jam from fruit I grow.
89. I make my own salsa.
90. I have entirely too much time on my hands.
91. I hate cooking.
92. I plan on never cooking a turkey.
93. Why bother, when other people do it so well?
94. I love where I live.
95. I have pierced several body parts, including but not limited to my nose and ears.
96. My bedroom is purple.
97. Sounds disgusting, but really, it isn't.
98. I always wanted a black walled bedroom.
99. I grew out of that.
100. My children (dead and alive) are my happiness.