Pass the Puns, Please - New Years Style

Happy New Year to all my blogging buddies, the lurkers and the google perverts that mosey on over looking for something to make them go schwing. Sadly, this batch of cheese is not going to make anyone overly excited, but it will bring a reaction. More of the nose scrunching, groan inducing kind brought on by really bad cheese that has been sitting out in the sun for way too long.

I promise cheese afterall, and some of the best kinds are the those that are pungent.

Hee hee. Couldn't resist.

With that said, I'm off to look for the loudest, most irritating noise maker I can find. After all, the party tonight is not at my house, so I'm unleashing my inner beast. Sorry Martha-Freakin-Stewart and The-Great-White-Hunter, but I have got to be heard over the million or so children you two decided to produce. Children whom I will be encouraging to be VERY loud when the clock strikes 12. After all, the beast will be unleashed and inebriated. Should be fun!

So Happy New Year to all, and may this upcoming year bring stinky cheese for us all to enjoy!

The new year's resolution for the bankrupt gardener was to forget the past and rely on the fuchsia.

I always get lost driving on New Year's eve. I blame the Old Lane Signs.