Boo-Yah! To my Boo

Oh, yeah. I'm doing the my Boo-YAH! dance, dear internet. I'd graciously like to thank all my bloggy participants for allowing me to so unmercifully rub my hubby's nose in the fact that he is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Victory is so sweet. And I am nothing, if not a gracious winner.

What started out as a simple question because I was scrounging for blog fodder and my hubs and I were stuck in our own version of groundhog day, ignited a real brouhaha in our home. It wasn't good enough that I posed the timeless question on the ole interweb, but then I roped and dragged everyone I knew into our little debate. It turned into a real battle of the sexes. I learned (finally) that men and women really are from two different planets.

I also figured out pretty quickly that men are, well, for lack of a better term, pigs. Granted, not all men are pigs, and most certainly not any of the few men who come to visit and comment on my site, but the men in my visible, three dimensional life, are big, fat oinkers.

And I wouldn't trade their curly tailed, snuffling snoutish ways for anything.

So after I posed my brilliant and highly scientific poll to all four of my regular readers I was a little surprised by the results. First off, more than four people actually chose to share their opinions! (Thank you, thank you, thank you.)

Secondly, I was RIGHT!

Boo-YAH! Ha, ha, Boo. Sorry, darlin'. But it turns out the world is full of enlightened people, nowadays.

For those who are keenly interested in the results, they were something like this:

(Keep in mind this was a highly scientific poll with a statistical accuracy of, oh, say +/- 50 percent...)

The Yes voters (or the highly enlightened, wonderful, Boo-Yah! loving friends of mine) weighed in at a whopping 56%.

The No voters (or the probably more realistic people, my husband would argue) countered at 18%.

The Women Yes, But Men No voters (fence sitters, as I like to call them) rallied at 18%, as well.

And my personal favorites; Only if One is Gay or Ugly voters (I love you all for your refreshing honesty) came in at 3%.

And so, my hubs is picking the crow out of his teeth, so sure was he that the whole damn world thinks his way.

I'm not naive, (shut up, dear brother-in law) I do realize not all women and men can be friends. And not every married couple can handle outside non-romantic friendships of the opposite sex. But then, not everyone is me, and not everyone has the fabulous good fortune of being married to the sexiest, sweetest (albeit, slightly archaic thinking) husband like mine.

So until the hubs pulls the plug on my man friends, or until his lady friends start tossing their panties at his head (and let's face it, I'm sure more than a few want to,) I think I'm just going to keep my man buddies.

Because at the very least, they make me realize over and over again, how very lucky I am to have my Boo.

And if Boo secretly fantasizes about his lady friends, well that's okay too. Because at the end of the day, it's me he is wrapping his arms around, while letting me shove my icy toes between his butt crack. (Canadian foreplay, didn't you know?)

Besides, we all know who wears the pants around here.