Stuck in Hillbilly Hell

I want to thank all of you for your love and support this weekend. My family and I certainly appreciate all of your kind words.

I'd like to say that I am taking time to reflect on my Shalebug and his lovely little life, and that I'm surrounded by family and friends to get through this difficult time.

But that would be lying.

No, in reality, I punted Fric and Frac, as well as Nixon, the World's Greatest Dog. Ever, to my sister-in-law, so that Boo and I could spend three days even further out in the sticks, to attend a mandatory adoption preparation course.

This new kid better be worth the sucky coffee, smelly carpet and lousy catering, I tell you.

How I managed to be stuck in a small room with the freakiest people I have ever seen on the weekend of my Angelboy's flight, will forever remain a mystery.

The upside to this roadtrip from hell is the blog fodder I have for you, dear internet!

Stay tuned!