It's My Civic Duty

It's a long weekend up here where I am and I'm exhausted from trying to keep up with my kids. Pool parties, sleep overs, football games with streakers. 

I have no energy. At this point, my idea of fun is fresh sheets and a soft bed. I don't even care if anyone is in it. I'm tired yo'.

I'm so bushed I don't even have the energy to settle the age old Canadian debate my kids are trying to suck me into.

Who is hotter:

Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds.


It takes a lot of energy to analyze that much pretty. Energy I am currently trying to conserve because I need it to shake the water out of my ears from being repeatedly dunked in the pool on Saturday night by one teenaged kid after another. 

I asked Facebook who was hotter. Facebook was of no help. My kids? Split down the middle. My husband? He can't keep either of them straight and insists the one with the bigger boobs is prettier. 

A Canadian long weekend is never complete with out a good old fashioned debate about the Ryans. Until hockey season starts, it's either argue about this or local politics. And dear lord, I don't know if I can handle that much boob talk.

Consider this argument my civic duty on this here Civic holiday


Being a Canadian is so terribly hard sometimes.