Suggestive Poses For The Moose Suggested By Vic Rotter

{Hi all; Mr Lady here}

Sometimes on really long trips away from home, when you're a stranger in a strange land, when you are forced to go to Nordstrom's against your will, when you get stuck in the same hotel as the president of the United States armed with nothing more than a blubbering ex-pat and some left-over cannoli, when you roll over every night to snuggle your Boo only to realize that your Boo either has shockingly saggy boobs or the girl sharing your bed has ohmygodsomuch facial hair, well...sometimes a woman can do little more than question her life, her very existence, her friend's penchants for run-on sentences. And then, when you least expect it, a sign appears. A sign from Heaven. Or Sweden.

Tanis. And A Moose.

And then you know what has to be done, and you get back to your roots. You go HOME. You run-don't-walk-run for the northest Great White North you can find. Redneck Mommy will return shortly, provided she doesn't get bitten. Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretty nasti...